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7th Masterclass in Orthognathic Surgery

Duration: 3 days      CPD Points: 24



£490 for the full three day course


Breakfast with pastries, tea and coffee throughout the day as well as a buffet lunch are included.


Date & Venue

Monday 15th October - Wednesday 17th October 2018

The Royal Society of Medicine

Wimpole Street, London (click here to view map)


Manolis Heliotis






MSc, MBChB (Stell), BDS (Wits)

Consultant Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Carlo Ferretti








Consultant Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon

About the course


This is a 3 day intensive Orthognathic course for Orthodontists and Surgeons running from Monday the 15th of October to Wednesday the 17th of October 2018.


This course is a hands on approach developed over years. It is a unique course in most ways. Let us explain:

We transmit to you, by taking you through step-by-step, a comprehensive practical hands on planning approach of “how to do it” that every candidate will be taken through simultaneously of almost every possible clinical scenario over the three days. This planning interfaces with practical surgical gems and hints to be taken into account both when planning and operating. We employ time-tested methods we use routinely, honed by practical daily experience and the teaching of higher surgical trainees. The course is fluid over the 3 days moving in and out of detailed planning that each delegate will be taken through, tips on surgical techniques and a step-wise approach from the simplest to the most complex of cases.


In addition to planning there are detailed video demonstrations of surgical techniques to couple the planning. We flex the course, responding to the delegates' progress.


During the first two days we structure the course such that every candidate is taken simultaneously through each case with us leading the steps, through about 12 cases from orthodontic planning principles in preparing surgical cases to the surgical moves, all step by step with all candidates using a tried and tested technique that we use in practice ourselves and have taught successfully in the 6 previous annual courses run. All cases have key teaching points that can be applied to most cases you will come across in your practice, demonstrating how to get the optimal aesthetic and functional result


Three-quarters or so of the course is focused on the planning and the detailed nuances of soft tissue responses to alterations of the teeth, occlusion and skeleton to give a beautiful facial aesthetic outcome and a stable functional occlusion.


The third day is divided such that we go through planning cases digitally through an advanced digital platform provided by KLS and includes custom made plates and waferless surgery from 3 D CT scan planning programmes. The afternoon of the third day we go through the Le Fort I, the BSSO and the Genioplasty in reasonable detail with accompanying videos and commentary. The surgical techniques are also presented so as to tie this into the planning sessions of the previous two days such that both surgeons and orthodontists in the audience get to understand how planning can be incorporated into these 3 operations to adjust the underlying soft tissue response optimally. They are minimally edited and have lively commentary as per the operator's personality to show the reality of the operating theatre environment. We will endeavour to give you access to these following the course for study in your own time.


In the past we have run the course in one of two ways: Either by giving the planning side of the course and inviting other speakers to talk on orthodontic preparation, aspects of surgery etc. with excellent colleagues, both orthodontists and surgeons. Other years only the two of us have presented the course. There are advantages to both.


This year we are electing to run it as just the two of us for a good reason: We have managed to hone the course in a way that standardises what is important for the delegate attending and what you will get most for your time and money. We are both surgeons: The orthodontics for preparation of cases is dealt with by us in terms of where the teeth need to be and what are the extraction patterns needed to give the optimal soft tissue outcome with a procedure. The detail of how teeth are moved, types of orthodontics and nuances of orthodontics are critical to our outcomes. It is essential that one has excellent orthodontists to get excellent surgical results. Here we focus on what any surgeon and any orthodontist, beginner or experienced, should know about orthodontic planning for surgical cases and how to approach the positioning of the dentition for optimal facial aesthetic outcomes. We will impart our experience in what is important in this - what we do in the clinic. It will make maximum use of time and standardise the approach so you get the most out of the course.