Aesthetic Surgery

Face Lift

The face can be the most problematic area for showcasing ageing. Like the hands and neck, it is most exposed to sunlight, which damages our skin making us look older. For this reason, facelift surgery is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures


If you are concerned by an aging face, a face lift may be the right option for you.

Restore a more defined jawline
  • Reduce sagging jowls.
  • Remove excess, saggy skin.
  • Tighten up the skin around the lower face.
  • Lift and tighten skin around the jawline.
  • Flatten and smooth wrinkles.


Neck Lifts

Neck Lifts are used to address saggy and loose skin under the chin. As we age our skin and underlying muscle becomes less tight and can begin to feel thick and heavy around the neck. Our patients can choose to have a neck lift alone or combine it with a facelift. Neck lift surgery usually takes place under general anaesthetic. During the procedure the surgeon will remove excess skin or fat from the patient’s chin to create a more defined look.



Blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift is a procedure to remove the skin and to add or remove fat from the eyelids.The eyelid itself is not actually moved during the procedure.


Blepharoplasty surgery can help with the following:
  • Remove excess skin and fat to improve field of vision.
  • Enhance the upper eyelid crease.
  • Remove excess skin and improve the contour of the eyelid by adding or removing fat.
  • Tightening the eyelid to correct sagging.

    Brow Lifts

    Ageing can cause the brows to droop leaving some people with a face which looks older and more tired than it should. A brow lift can help reverse the signs of ageing by living the brow to create a tighter look with reduced fatty tissue above the eye.


    • Look more youthful.
    • Look more rejuvenated.


    Genioplasty or Chin implant

  • Alters the profile of the chin through augmentation or reduction
  • Camouflage of a deficient mandible
  • The surgeon can access the chin through the mouth with a genioplasty or use a chin implant with face and neck lifts

    Genioplasty Surgery: Techniques and Benefits Explained

    A genioplasty is a surgical procedure where a cut is made into the chin bone. The chin is then moved forward or backward (sliding genioplasty).  Genioplasty is commonly known as Chin Surgery and helps to correct the profile of the chin. It is used to address:

    • A deficient or prominent chin
    • To increase or decrease chin or lower facial height
    • To increase by camouflage, the size of a deficient lower jaw
    • To camouflage facial asymmetries seen from the front
    • To narrow or widen the front lower part of the face
    • To feminise or make a chin/jaw more masculine
    • To enhance a sagging neck as a solo procedure or with liposuction


    What does the operation involve?

    • Genioplasty is carried out from the inside of the mouth. This means that there will be no visible scar tissue on the skin of the patients face.
    • An incision is made through the gum on the inside of the lower lip so that the surgeon can gain access to the lower jaw bone and chin.
    • A small saw is used to cut the chin.
    • The chin is gently move to the correct position and helping place with metal plates and screws.
    • The gum inside the mouth is stitched back into place using dissolvable sutures that can take around two weeks to disolve.


    The treatment leaves no skin scars
    Advantages of Genioplasty

    • Simulation of the facial changes can be done preoperatively using prediction drawings, thus helping the patient visualise their new look.
    • The bone heals very quickly and there are usually very few visible signs of surgery.
    • The shape of the chin can be changed in all directions. The chin can be reduced vertically and enlarged horizontally. The chin’s width can also reduce, and a v-shape can be enhanced all using genioplasty.


    Mandibular angle implants/Malarplasty/Cheek bone enhancement

  • Can be done with facial implants, fillers or fat as an independent procedure or as part of a face lift
  • Takes 1.5-2 hours
  • Surgeon will access the area through the mouth or eyelid if placing implants
  • If using fillers this can be done in outpatients

    Facial feminisation


    For example, Asian women perceive beauty as having a delicate and feminine facial shape, which is oval rather than square. This however does not work well with Asian genetics which dictate a square jawline and slight protruding cheeks and mouth.
    Facial Re-contouring can help address this and achieve a look which is more in line aesthetic aspirations.

    Facial Re-contouring can help with the following:

    • Square Jaw through Orthognathic Surgery or recontouring of the mandible
    • Weak Chin with chin implants or genioplasty
    • Asymmetrical Mouth
    • Protruding mouth
    • Protruding chin/ jaw through genioplasty or Orthognathic Surgery


    Facial re-countouring Surgery: Techniques and Benefits Explained


    At Shaping Faces we offer our clients facial bone contouring. Facial re-contouring allows us to offer patients the opportunity to achieve a more proportionate face and jawline. Many clients complain that their face is not symmetrical and that they would like to realign their jaw to reach the symmetrical look they are after. Symmetric faces have for a long time been considered an innate sign of beauty and we can now offer it to our patients.
    There are several permanent surgical procedures used to reach the finished look and it can be a little confusing for patients. Fundamentally, Facial Re-contouring Surgery is managed by orthognathic Surgery, facial contouring surgery, genioplasties and facial implants or a combination of all the above to give people’s faces a more symmetrical appearance.


    What is Facial Bone Re-contouring


    Although ideas about beauty have changed dramatically throughout time, the constant of symmetry has always been associated with beauty. Facial re-contouring can help achieve improved symmetry, but it can also go further.


    Benefits of Facial Re-contouring

    There are many benefits of Facial Re-contouring for both men and women:

    • Reduced jaw protrusion
    • Well-defined jaw
    • Narrowing of the face
    • A more balanced face
    • Enhanced confidence
    • Facial feminisation


    Procedures and Surgical Techniques

    V- Line surgery

    • Combine jaw reduction surgery, orthognathic Surgery and genioplasty
    • Reduced protrusion or angle of jaw
    • Reduced size of mandible bone
    • Re-contouring the chin


    Jaw Surgery/ Orthognathic Surgery

  • Takes 1.5- 3.0 hours depending on single or double jaw surgery
  • Alters facial proportions
  • Changes and augments profiles
  • Lengthens or reduces facial heights
  • Narrows or broadens the face by changing proportions
  • In snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea can improve or cure this
  • Can address a malocclussion
  • Can slim down and feminises the face for facial feminisation


    Using a mixture of surgical and complimentary non-surgical options we can rejuvenate the skin you are in. From face lifts to neck lifts, Botox to fillers a newer, firmer, rejuvenated look can be achieved.


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