Why can't orthodontics alone solve all jaw problems?

Jaw surgeon, Mr Heliotis, explains why orthodontics alone cannot always solve the difficulties of patients with bad bites and jaw problems.


Video Transcript

I do understand that you can get significant changes with braces and orthodontics, so where does surgery come into the process?

Patients that have large overbites and jaws that are too small or too big, you can't actually correct those with orthodontics alone so the orthodontics may make the teeth of those patients straight, but it can't actually bring the face into harmony and in fact one of the biggest referral areas of my practice are patients that have had braces that have not had the correct diagnosis and the dentist or the orthodontist has recommended extractions so as to fit the teeth in either small or very big jaws and it is called camouflage orthodontics and although their teeth meet OK their jaws still stick out or their chins are deficient or excessive. I have to go back and undo all this and with an operation and an orthodontic colleague who knows how to manage these cases we set everything right again.